c6We raise and sell natural grass fed beef cattle – lowline Angus and mini Hereford cross. Lowline cattle consume about 1/3 the amount of feed as a full sized animal, gaining weight and finishing earlier with little cost. Health benefits include more omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (a potent cancer fighter), less total fat and calories, and low omega-6 (linked to several disorders and diseases). Also, there is less risk of bacterial contamination due to the higher PH of the cows’ digestive tract if grass fed so what you get is great tasting beef with all these benefits, including less maintenance and lower cost!


“Smaller size means shorter muscle length.  While this theory is to-date unproven scientifically, there are many advocates of Miniature Hereford beef who believe the meat is more tender because of the shorter muscle length.  Also, because the animal’s muscles need not be toned enough to carry 2,000 lbs around all day, they tend to be far more tender.  Consider the average Mini Hereford weighs in at 700 or 1,000 lbs, and you might say the meat is twice as tender!”

                                               By Miniature Hereford Breeders Association 2016

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