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Should I HOT or COLD shoe my horse?

“If your horse has a healthy normal foot and hoof, then cold shoeing is a good way to go and it’s cheaper.  But … if your horse has an abnormal foot, irregular hoof or prowled to getting fungi and bacteria in its hoof, then hot shoeing may be your answer in keeping your horse’s feet healthier and may add to his performance level.

Yes, hot shoeing does cost more money.  Because you’re paying for the experience of a farrier & a blacksmith.  Hot shoeing requires extra tooling, a forge, and a lot more time and knowledge.  In hot shoeing, the hoof is cleaned, trimmed, and rasped, just as in Cold Shoeing.  The farrier heats the shoe in the forge, places it briefly on the foot to sear the interface surface between the hoof and the shoe (not painful).  This intense heat seals the cut horn tubules and kills any fungi and bacteria in the hoof.  A trained farrier can shape and correct minor issues due to the horses’ own conformation.  Hot shoes are forged and hammered until the shoe fits the hoof just right, then nailed on.  Your horse walks away with a set of perfect fitting shoes.  But to tell the truth, there are many jobs which farriers simply cannot do without the forge.  The choice is yours to make.  Which will you choose. Hot or Cold shoes?

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